International meet-up

Hey there, we (my husband and I) just moved to Germany - close to Bremen - and are looking forward to meet some people. No matter where you are from, what language you are speaking or if you just want to hang out with international and laid back people. Date and time are negotiable, open for suggestions. So hope to see you soon. Cheers, Tina and Ignacio

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  • 17. July 2019
    Good I dea. I was reading the textes its very nice Idea Iam also moved to germany for 3 in the half year Iam 22 years old .. Iam studying my professional education in cooking... Iam also living alone Iam looking forward to make contact with people's I really want to participate... Sincerely Anil ..
  • 19. July 2019
    Hei Sayed, I am originally from the North of Germany. My husband, who is from Argentina, moved with me. We should definitely plan something. Hope a few people will join :))
  • 23. July 2019
    Thanks so much . Hopefully Iam interested to join D. Is there another group same like this that we can plan when Like Iam studying my professional education in A hotel in Bremen state ( land gut horn hotel ) .. When I am free .. Befor Then we can till to meet Indeed Iam interested.. Sincerely Anil..