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05 Januar 2017
benjamin S.

benjamin S. 11:53 Crosspost

Maya U.

Maya U. 18:21 I am interested. But I can't come. Working that day. Next time I am in!

06 Januar 2017
Liz t.

Liz t. 00:10 Hi Benjamin! Sounds very interesting. I'll keep that date.

11 Januar 2017
benjamin S.

benjamin S. 18:40 Unfortunately we had a problem with the reservation, so new place is a nice couch corner in stall 6 :-) up to now we should be already 6-8 people! Let's have some fun! Afterwards at 23.00 there will be a dnb-party in stall 6, maybe we survive until then :-)

benjamin S.

benjamin S. 18:41 @Maya, next time! I also meet Monday evening with sb who can't come.if you like. Pn me

14 Januar 2017
benjamin S.

benjamin S. 17:02 Small Reminder about today! We will be sitting on a couch and i will be wearing a blueish hoodie! Cya

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