Harburg : English Conversation group

English Conversation group for advanced fanatics on *Fridays* *in Harburg*

This group has existed for more than 20 years! It is a mixture of old friends and new ... friends! :-D
We get together on Fridays to have a drink, a chat and a laugh! We talk about every day life, work, studies, news, sports, pasttimes, everything you can think of!
I have worked in international trade for 25 years, so my English is pretty good. ;-)
We dont do grammar or homework or the nasty stuff you hated so much in school. It is stricly for fun: to talk and brush up your English and maybe learn a new word every now and then, but trust me: it is much better than school!
The catering is not for free though! ;-)
Please pay for what you ordered before you leave... ;-)

We usually meet in Harburg, but locations vary. Sometimes meetings are cancelled or altered on short notice, so please become a member of our whatsapp chat.
Cheers, Wennie

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  • 05. September 2020

    Wir treffen uns wahrscheinlich im Hainholzweg im Dubrovnik, wenn genügend Teilnehmer Zeit haben. Bitte prüft, wie weit das von euch entfernt ist und wie man da hin kommt. ;-)