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Pilates in Volksgarten

Hey there :)

We would like to do some pilates sessions in Volksgarten (on Sundays). The session takes around 50 min with all kinds of exercises. Within pilates, we focus more on controlling the movement rather than its power or explosiveness. This includes all kinds of exercises varying from core training to stretching.
We would be happy to meet people not only to practice Pilates with but also to chill out a bit.

Wir sind mit Deutsch vertraut genug, um auch deutsche Teilnehmer anweisungen zu geben

We will be meeting in front of the clocks (Zeitfeld).
Don't forget your yoga mat ;)

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  • 24. July 2021

    Hi guys, how often do you meet for Pilates? I just moved to Düsseldorf and live close to Volksgarten and would love to join you at some point. Best, Fran

  • 24. July 2021

    Every week on Sunday 10:00. There are some spots with a roof in the Volksgarten too so even rain can't stop us.

  • 24. July 2021

    Hi Fran,
    We meet every Sunday 🙂
    We‘re happy if you join us.
    See you, Isa