TYR + HEIDEVOLK + DALRIADA (Folk Metal) im Backstage (Werk)

On March 8th, the Faroe Islands ´TYR´ will release their eighth full-length, ´HEL´, via Metal Blade Records. Hel is a collection of ruthlessly melodic and irresistibly compelling progressive folk metal that will immediately resonate with any who have followed the band at any point over the two decades of their storied career. As a co-headliner Heidevolk presents you the ageless story of revolt and resistance captured in their most varied and mature release to date called ´VUUR VAN VERZET´. To make this nice power / pagan package complete DALRIADA will join the party for their first ever mainland Europe tour with the latest album ´NYÁRUTÓ´ Tyr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m82Ugc4wQjk Heidevolk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=be24SlyWMN8 Dalriada: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4Ab1aMUBpk Tickets gibts u.a. bei Münchenticket für EUR 28,7 Wer hat Lust mitzukommen? Treffpunkt: Eingang zum Backstage Nachtbiergarten am Fußweg zur S-Bahn (siehe Foto)

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  • 23. April 2019
    Sry, habe euch jetzt irgendwie verloren. Schönen abend noch, hat Spaß gemacht.
  • 23. April 2019
    Ja,irgendwie warst du weg. Komm gut nach Hause. Hat Spaß gemacht
  • 23. April 2019
    Ja war super. Gerne mal wieder , wenn was passendes kommt