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canceled - talk2gether - Bochum

Let*s meet after work at SAUSALITOS and talk in English about everything that comes into our minds.

The activity is once a month, switching between Bochum and Dortmund.
It is intended to refresh our English skills, so fluent speakers are welcome.

Most of the times we head to the bar next door called KULT at around 9pm to attend the karaoke. It is not mandatory to be on stage yourself. Sometimes it*s also fun listening to other people performing.

Here is some information about the bar/ restaurant:

If you want to give it a try on stage yourself, please check out their HUGE selection online, as they don*t have printed lists at the bar:

Parking: I*d suggest the following car park. It has a small nightly flat fee once you enter it after 6pm. For further information visit:

I*m looking forward to seeing you.

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  • 20. October 2020

    Ich vermute mal, der Zeitpunkt ist 18:06 Uhr ? ;)

  • 20. October 2020

    It is supposed to be 19:30. I corrected it. Thanks for the hint.

  • 27. October 2020

    Due to rising Corona numbers I will cancel this activity.

  • 27. October 2020

    Oh... too bad!! But I understand it...