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CANCELLED!!! English Speaker's Table at Fortuna-Ecke (Uerige)

Let's render homage to our wonderful local Alt beer and have some glasses at the Uerige brewery in the heart of the Old Town.

I booked the table "Neweaan 1" also known as "Fortuna-Ecke", the traditional meeting point for ex players of glorious Fortuna Düsseldorf. On Wednesdays this table is occupied by some old chaps playing Skat so that I decided to shift our meeting to Thursday.

Here you find some information about Uerige:

There's also an additional menue. So if you like to have dinner have a look at the picture I attached.

Engish native speakers are naturally welcome, but most of the participants will just like to improve their English or meet new people. All levels are welcome :)

Please note that you should write a message to me and sign off if you have signed in, but are not able to join us. Maybe other Spontacts user might be delighted to take your place.

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  • 30. October 2020

    Dear friends, due to new corona regulations that are valid from November 2 on Uerige will be closed on November 5. Thus I have to cancel this activity and hope we'll meet another time. Stay healthy ☺️

  • 30. October 2020