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13 November 2017

16:47 Hello, Daniel! Welcome to the club :) At the moment you are number 13 and therefore on our waiting list.

18:10 I am really sorry, I will not be able to come this week. But I will be joining hopefully next week for sure :)

18:11 And its a good chance for someone in the waitlist to take my seat this time and experience a new event

19:00 No worries! So it's Nicola to take your place.

19:50 I will be there :-)

14 November 2017

08:14 I probably cannot make it tonight. So I will already sign off so that someone else can join you guys. Sorry about that.

08:34 Okay. Then it's Christian to join in.

10:29 Thank you. I will come today.

10:30 Perfect :)

22:39 Thank you for joining the EST. It was a very nice evening. As our next destination, the Manima, is already closed I'll try to reserve a table tomorrow evening.

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