Learning by Chewing! (Oniro, Dilldorfer Höhe, 10 ppl.)

Enjoy authentic Greek cuisine and English talks at the Beergarden of the Oniro in Kupferdreh! For menu and information, see https://www.grieche-essen.de/

Wednesday night from 6:30pm, English levels upper-intermediate and above are welcome.

Free parking is available on site, right next to the roundabout.
I look forward to seeing you!

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  • 09. August 2020

    Already full...

  • 09. August 2020

    In case someone cancel, i will join to be the 10th

  • 11. August 2020

    Is this address the right one? It is in Kupferdreh right? 222 Hammer Straße, 45257 Essen is what the Internet sais 😉

  • 11. August 2020

    Hammer Str. 222 is the official address of the restaurant. Their parking however is right next to the roundabout, easy to find.

  • 11. August 2020


  • 11. August 2020

    Eda you can‘t miss it when you leave the motorway 😁

  • 12. August 2020

    Hey, you can have my place. I won't make it today. I am very sorry for signing off so late. I started class today and I have problems with my voice. I think when I come and talk I won't be able to speak tomorrow. See you next week guys.