Let`s talk in English at Eatalio

This time we would like to chat in English while having good Italien food all you can eat at Eatalio in Moers. A table is booked for 8 people. So the number of participants is limited and please don`t sign in if you are not sure that it fits for you. Drive directly on the court, there are enough parking spaces in front of the entrance.

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  • 08. April 2019
    This is the Link to the restaurant The fee is 19,90 drinks are not included. https://www.eatalio.de/buffet
  • 14. April 2019
    deleted at Sun, 14 Apr 2019 16:35:35 +0200
  • 23. April 2019
    We can't join anymore?
  • 23. April 2019
    Sorry, we are 8 and the table is booked for 8. So currently we are full.
  • 23. April 2019
    Of course....the activity is full ;-)
  • 23. April 2019
    I have seen the link, are you seriously there to talk English? I for sure would not talk much... :-) Next time would like to be part of it all... looking forward to that...
  • 23. April 2019
    Hi Frans, yes we are talking only in English.
  • 24. April 2019
    We are sitting at table nr 2. Tue room behind the buffet, directly on the left side