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31.07.2021 | Lüdenscheid

Hallo Zusammen, Ich würde euch gerne zum Spielen bei mir einladen. Ich habe allerlei Equipment PS5 mit Fifa,...

Don't you know it too: You get a new online game and want to test it right away, but your friends just don't have time? So now you join alone an online match and get thrown together with players from all over the world, but you can't coordinate with them? Then use Spontacts to find the right players to play together! No matter if you just want to test an online board game, fight your way to the top with your squad at Fortnite, Apex Legends, or other Battle-Royal games or show your skills at FIFA, Mario Kart and other classic games. Just turn on your computer, start your console or get out your smartphone and get involved in eGaming.

Add other players now

On Spontacts you will find new people in the activity pool who share your passion for eGaming. What you have to do is very simple: just register for free at Spontacts with just a few clicks, create your own profile and you can set up your own activities for eGaming and online game nights. You don't know yet what exactly you want to do? Then click through the activity stream and join your favourites. Why be alone in the party lobby when the right people for eGaming are only a few steps away?

Start the next game together

Register for free on the web or download the Spontacts app. This way you don't have to tab out of the game and can quickly and easily find your next eGaming activity during the game breaks. Become part of the leisure community now and gambling alone is a thing of the past!

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Wir vom Spontacts-Team begrüßen dich in deiner neuen Freizeitwelt und wünschen dir viel Spaß beim Leute kennenlernen und spannende Aktivitäten.