Your exhibitions in Frankfurt

Find like-minded people here who will accompany you.

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You can find them here at Spontacts, your new leisure community. And if you still have no idea where you want to go or just want to try something out, you can also find exciting inspiration on how to spend your free time.

Experience culture and visit various exhibitions

There are countless museums, galleries, exhibition venues and fairs where you can experience exciting art and creativity. The Historical Museum in Frankfurt, the Jewish Museum and the Archaeological Museum are just a few examples. Of course you can also plan a trip to another city with other Frankfurters and go to the museum there. How about the German Museum in Munich, for example? Many things are possible, you just have to dare and try it out. You will see, nice people will join you quickly.

Into the exhibition world with spontacts

The first step is to register in the leisure community. You can do this for free on the web or in the Spontacts app. Create your profile and enter all your interests and hobbies as well as your location. Also some details about you and a profile picture can be helpful, because other Spontis can get a nice impression of you. Now you can start and you can spontaneously join others or create your own activity. What are you waiting for now?
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Wir vom Spontacts-Team begrüßen dich in deiner neuen Freizeitwelt und wünschen dir viel Spaß beim Leute kennenlernen und spannende Aktivitäten.