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Are you new to the city and looking for exciting activities for your free time? With Spontacts you can get to know friendly people who will accompany you from the car show to shopping in the noble boutiques everywhere. Register now for free and find cool leisure activities in Geneva!

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Ich würde gern bei entsprechender Wetterlage die letzten goldenen Sonnenstrahlen nutzen und eine mindestens...

Geneva is the smallest of the big metropolises, the city of peace and the headquarters of the UNO and the Red Cross - sounds quite impressive! Are you new to Geneva and would like to make your free time more exciting and get to know new people quickly? With Spontacts nothing is easier than that! Register for free and fast on the website or in the android or iOS app, and you are already free to participate in activities in your area. Would you rather become active yourself and organize your own activity? Then plan it with a few small clicks and easily find sympathetic participants. Whether you just want to take a relaxing stroll in Geneva's old town or take a trip to Gruyères to taste all the cheese specialities on the spot: The choice is yours!

There are many exciting activities in Geneva, so it's really hard to choose - just do them all! Get to know new people and meet them in the historical old town on the Rhône , explore the streets covered with cobblestones with them and then climb as highlight to the cathedral St. Peter Geneva: The 157 steps are always worthwhile for the amazing panorama from above. Afterwards you can't help but stroll with your new friends through the pedestrian zone with all its elegant boutiques. Snacking on the chocolates and admiring the watches are the order of the day. As a new Geneva resident, you can't help but visit the city's many landmarks yourself. Start with the Geneva Motor Show! It is one of the most important automobile trade fairs in the world and will make your lover's heart beat faster. Also very recommendable to visit is the UNO Geneva, because here the world organization has its European head office.

Visits with other Spontis a guidance and regard even the impressive meeting and conference areas, in which world decisions are met! Geneva also provides hiking trips, because the city's location between the Jura mountains and the Alps makes a excursion to Mont Blanc perfect. Because the ascent is rewarded with a picturesque view over felt the whole world. And in winter in the big ski resort you can't avoid unpacking your skis or snowboard and indulging in winter sports! Now that you've got a lot of adrenaline pumping, it's time for some quieter activities with your Sponti friends - so let's get going at Globe de la Science, the beautiful globe of the city. In the basement there is a permanent exhibition about the world of particles, which accompanies you on an exciting journey back to the Big Bang. After so much knowledge you really deserve a funny night out! Go on barhopping tour and club exploration and get to know cool new people. Start at La Verre a Monique, famous for their fantastic cocktails, and end the dance night in the legendary Baby Boa!

You see, from gruelling hikes with incredible views to big, informative fairs like the Geneva Motor Show, you can do anything in this historic city. Create an account on Spontacts easy, free and fast and you'll see: The big leisure world in Geneva will welcome you with open arms!

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