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The wonderful slogan of the university city Göttingen is: "The city that creates knowledge". And for good reason, because almost a third of the population are students in the university city. Are you very eager to learn and are you a perfect fit for Göttingen, but would you like to spend your leisure time more actively? No problem with Spontacts! Simply register as a user and take part in existing activities. So you can mix up your free time in Göttingen as well as your circle of friends! Or are you rather a planner and you want to organize your events yourself? Then create your own activities and experience them with great participants. Easy, free of charge, fast, flexible.

Finding events in Göttingen is really easy. Is winter here and you need warm, atmospheric music to relax? Then take part in the Jazz-Festival Göttingen and groove with other spontis to the music. Or is classical music more your case and you like to revel in the past? Then at the International Handel Festival Göttingen your heart will definitely open. From operas to baroque music to Handel's life story, everything is taken up there, mostly under the umbrella of an exciting annual motto. Or you don't just wait for such big events and attend a performance of the Göttinger Symphonieorchester with other spontis , where you can choose the time more flexibly. After you have filled up with enough musical energy, you can finally become more active yourself. In the historic inner city there is a lot to see and discover. From medieval churches like the Jacobikirche with the double altar to the magnificent Old Town Hall there is much to explore in the pedestrian zone. Afterwards you can finish your walk in the Old Botanical Garden Göttingen. Grab a few of the participants and go on a sightseeing tour in the university town. Have you finally had enough culture and would like to do your student life all the credit? Then enjoy your young years in Göttingen from all angles and go out with your new friends! An exciting hotspot in Göttingen, for example, is the Trou. The pub was already founded in the 60s and has been a meeting place for students since then - so there is no way around continuing this tradition! Or do you feel like going for more exoticism while celebrating? Then enjoy Cuban-style drinks and cocktails or even Cuban cigars at Villa Cuba.

You see, there are a lot of things to discover and experience in Göttingen, you just have to take the first step - and with Spontacts it's easy! Register for free via android or iOS app or website and you can discover events and activities of your choice in Göttingen. Let's go!

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