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Would you like to relax in your spare time? At Spontacts you will find a lot of activities for your relaxation.

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30.09.2021 | Frankfurt am Main

| next: Was trinken gehen! | Hier eintragen, was am ehesten euer Ding ist:...



01.01.2022 | Speyer

hi da meine vorherige aktivität irgendwie verschwunden ist. stell ichs nochmal hier rein. suche eine weibliche...



13.09.2021 | Ingelheim am Rhein

Bowling ist weiterhin ganz nett. :-) Nach Feierabend, in Ingelheim, Getränke und Imbiss, einstimmen für den...

There are many different leisure activities to get away from your everyday work life. How about a games evening, a motorcycle tour or a bowling afternoon? Not only can you relax, but you can also get to know cool people! The only thing you have to do is to register on Spontacts, create your profile and take part in one of these activities. There is no easier way to enjoy your free time and make new friends at the same time!

You urgently need a break and would like to go on a weekend trip, for example to Heidelberg Castle? Or would you prefer to relax during a yoga session? A longer break together is of course also possible, because in your new leisure community you will find cool travel partners! Spain, Italy or Asia? Where do you want to go? There are no limits to your wishes! In the activity pool in the category "recreation in Heidelberg" you will also get lots of inspiration for new leisure trends. Ever heard of Geocaching? Or would you like to experience something special like a donkey-wine-hike? Bring your own ideas for an exciting free time in Heidelberg and create a new activity quickly and easily. You'll see, other spontaneous people will be happy to join you!

Have you now really felt like switching off from everyday life and taking part in cool leisure activities? With Spontacts it finally works and you can spend your free time as you like it! Escape your stressful everyday life and register now without obligation and free of charge on the website or download the app for Android oder iOS App.
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