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You can call the city at the Saale your home, but with your exciting leisure activities in Jena it doesn't look great? Then take a closer look here, because on Spontacts you'll find great suggestions and sympathetic participants for your free time!

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Nightlife (various)

Kickern in der JET

22.02.2020 | Leipzig

Wir sind morgen zu zweit / dritt in der jet und wollen ne runde Kickern. Wer Lust hat kann sich gerne melden.

Photo & Film


02.09.2020 | Leipzig

Stehst du Nachts 4 Uhr auf nur um den Sonnenaufgang festzuhalten? Schleichst du dich in Abrisshäuser um den Verfall...



22.02.2020 | Leipzig

Wer hat Lust in einem der Parks (z. B. Lene-Voigt-Park, Rabet, Friedenspark...) eine Runde Basketball bzw. Streetball...

Badminton & Squash


23.02.2020 | Leipzig

Hallo, ich suche 1-3 Leute für Badminton. Wenn es gut passt dann auch gerne häufiger. Ich spiele schon ein paar...

It's nowhere more beautiful than home than ! - This saying goes through your head when you think of the city of light on the Saale? You know your way around your city, but with exciting leisure activities in Jena it looks like Mau? Then today is probably your lucky day! With Spontacts you say goodbye to boredom and can look forward to exciting leisure activities! Take a look at the different activities of your leisure community and discover new hobbies. Have you been thinking about an adventure for a long time, but your friends refuse to participate strictly? Then seize the initiative and find sympathetic Gleichgesinnte, which join you with your going through opportunity!

You know where your favourite shops are, but you know almost nothing about the history of your city? Then you have to take a closer look at the many monuments of Jena. Join a city tour and visit Schiller's garden house, the Goethe memorial and other culturally valuable places! Does your head already smoke with information? Then you should urgently let off steam! Luckily, there are numerous possibilities for your sporting activities. Whether slacklining, beach volleyball, climbing or kayaking, in Jena you will get your head free again! In order to gather new strength, you should make an excursion to the atemberaubenden fairy grotto, or relax in the paradise park. Have a few drinks at beach 22 and feel the holiday feeling, or make a unique trip to the stars at the Zeiss Planetarium. It's not the question which of these leisure activities you do in Jena, but the order! If you want to experience unforgettable days and evenings, then Jena is the right place for you. From musical festivals like the click! to unique events like the Kulturarena in summer, your city knows how to thrill people!

With so many great leisure activities in Jena you don't know what to do first! Just do it and create your own activities on the Spontacts website or in the free app and get a schedule for your free time. So you will be able to quickly joined by enthusiastic participants and you can refresh your free time together!
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