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Rowing & Paddling

SUP auf dem Neckar

04.08.2021 | Neckargerach

Bin nächste Woche ein paar Tage mit dem Paddelbrett zum Zelten in Neckargerach. Vielleicht hat jemand Lust auf eine...

Nightlife (various)


04.10.2029 | Mannheim

Hey ich bin Saskia (17) und suche ein paar Leute mit denen man ein paar Unternehmungen, wie feiern, essen gehen,...

Sports (various)

Draisine fahren

22.08.2021 | Bornheim

Wer mag mich auf eine Draisinenfahrt von Bornheim Pfalz nach Westheim begleiten. Entlang der Strecke gibt es mehrere...

Sports (various)


01.08.2021 | Bensheim

Suchen noch Mitspieler/innen für eine lockere Runde Flagfootball. Ausrüstung ist vorhanden. Datum ist nur Platzhalter.

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What better way to start the day than with a hearty breakfast with a beautiful view of the Rhine? You can choose your favourite from a variety of different cafes, such as the Island Cafe, and then let off steam in the most diverse shopping possibilities. If your wallet is already screaming loudly, you should take a trip to the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum! Due to its collection of masterpieces by artists like Malevich, Mondrian or Kandinsky, the art museum is today the most important museum for modern and contemporary art in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Ludwigshafen offers you a great evening with all kinds of artistic and cultural events. No matter whether you go to the largest theatre in Rhineland-Palatinate or listen to the beguiling sounds at a concert of the well-known Ludwigshafen State Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition to festivities and events, the location of the beautiful city on the Rhine is also ideal for experiencing activities in Mannheim in just a few minutes. From the Ludwigshafen Festival, to the famous cultural summer and the Ludwigshafen Sports Show, to the unique city festival. Many other events, such as the Festival des deutschen Films, are held on the Parkinsel . It is guaranteed that an event will become a real highlight of your leisure activities.

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