Getting or staying fit together in Lucerne

Now you can find other people on Spontacts who would love to create their leisurtime more active with you.

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Swimming & Diving

Rotsee Badi

10.09.2021 | Ebikon

Wer kommt (aus der Umgebung) und möchte auch (öffters) in die Rotseebadi? ein paar längen schwimmen, manchmal ein...

Table Tennis

Ping Pong

27.09.2021 | Kriens

Gemeinsam spielen, bin recht flexibel können auch mehrere zusammen spielen freue mich von dir/ euch zu hören

The chips are already lying seductively on the top of your table and smiling at you, but today you don't really feel like Netflix and chill and you want to do sports in Lucerne?

This is exactly the right setting for a sport-enthusiastic Sponti like you! So the first requirement is already fulfilled, but sport is actually much more fun in a team you think? Jogging alone is boring, hiking without someone to talk to about the beautiful view of the Pilatus summit doesn´t feel right? Then create an activity for Lucerne and find a lot of participators who want to do kilometres with you or get active.

Whether it's a gym, football club, swimming, yoga or chess: in Lucerne you will find numerous opportunities together to become active in sports or to stay active . On a summer day, for example, you can swim in Lake Lucerne or do yoga together at Inseli Park. If you are more of a hard kind and like martial arts and everything about self-defense, you can visit many martial arts schools together with other Spontis. Going to the gym alone demotivates you and you need a fitness buddy? No problem! Create an activity at Spontacts and find yourself together with others.

A team is only a good team if everyone loves what they do! Find Spontacts in Lucerne who like ball sports just as much as you do or love to watch sports. So there is FC Lucerne in football, HC Kriens-Lucerne in handball or STV Lucerne Basketball.

So get into your hiking boots, football boots or ballet shoes and get your smartphone out. Register now for free at android or iOS app. Available for iOS and Android. Have fun participating!
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Wir vom Spontacts-Team begrüßen dich in deiner neuen Freizeitwelt und wünschen dir viel Spaß beim Leute kennenlernen und spannende Aktivitäten.