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01.01.2022 | Speyer

hi da meine vorherige aktivität irgendwie verschwunden ist. stell ichs nochmal hier rein. suche eine weibliche...

Nightlife (various)

Neue Leutchen ;-)

29.07.2021 | Mannheim

Hallo ihr lieben, in unserer heutigen Gesellschaft ist es schwer „echte & wahre“ Freunde zu finden! Dies...

Mannheim is a very multi-faceted industrial city, because everything from green spaces to historical buildings and exciting events can be found in the city. As a resident, you know this best. Maybe you just moved to Mannheim or would like to make your free time even more exciting? Then find with Spontacts interesting activities and events in Mannheim, which will really stir up your free time and your circle of friends! Or you take the whole thing into your own hands and create your own activity in the leisure community. You will see, in no time at all, nice participants will join you and you can have fun together in Mannheim.

Are you urgently looking for a sports buddy with whom you can visit the Games of Waldhof Mannheim and support your team? Then grab some spontis and visit the arena - with you in the stands the team can only win. Would you rather take it easy? Then go to the National theater Mannheim and visit a performance of your choice. Are you rather a fan of long walks and cosy conversations? In the biggest park of the city, the Luisenpark Mannheim, you can take a few spontis with you for your rounds and for chatting. Is the park too monotonous for you in the long run and you prefer variety and more people around you? Then visit the annual Maimarkt, the largest trade fair in Germany, which attracts around 350,000 people every year. Take a few spontis with you and visit the more than 1,400 stands on the topics of the environment, cooking, politics and more. If you're new in Mannheim, a visit to the harbour is a must, of course, and you can't fail to notice the Mannheim Flair from large container ships to exciting bars on the water. You see, finding events in Mannheim is very easy - it might even be harder to find a time when nothing is going on. So gather your courage and take the first step with Spontacts - fast, free and easy. Let's start and register on the web or in the android or iOS app and your new leisure adventure can begin!

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Wir vom Spontacts-Team begrüßen dich in deiner neuen Freizeitwelt und wünschen dir viel Spaß beim Leute kennenlernen und spannende Aktivitäten.