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You are in beautiful New Orleans, the city of jazz, and want to know what you can experience there? You're already excited and can't wait to explore the city, but you don't want to set off on your own? Then you've come to the right place with Spontacts. Just join one of the many leisure activities and meet new people in New Orleans to spend your free time together.

Why not start with a tour through the streets and find out about the exciting history of New Orleans? You can also visit the various parks and churches. Do you like mystical things and ghosts? Then New Orleans is the right place for you. After all, it's not called the City of the Dead for nothing. From vodoo wizards to fortune tellers, you'll find everything here. You can discover cultural diversity in the New Orleans Museum of Art or in the French Quarter. Not only architectural diversity, but also culinary uniqueness awaits you there. For relaxed evenings you can visit one of the many jazz clubs and end the day with delicious drinks and good music. If you're more in a party mood, grab some new people in New Orleans and turn night into day. There's really something going on here every day and especially at Mardi Gras the whole city is filled with parades.

You want to go directly, but you are still missing the suitable participants? Then download the free android or iOS app onto your smartphone. Simply register and join your favorites on the go. It has never been easier to meet new people in New Orleans these days with Spontacts!
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