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Art & Crafts

Briefe schreiben

25.02.2021 | Düsseldorf

Aufgrund des Lockdowns fühlen sich gerade viele Menschen einsam und isoliert. Wie wäre es, wenn wir einander einen...

Rowing & Paddling

SUP im Kölner Raum

28.02.2021 | Köln

Ich habe mir ein Board zugelegt und würde gerne die Seen und Flüsse rund um Köln auf dem SUP erkunden. Dies ist eine...

Motorcycle Rides

Motorradtouren 2021

28.02.2021 | Mönchengladbach

Auch 2021 geht es hier weiter und somit in die 6te Runde. 😁 Für diejenigen die es noch nicht kennen: Das hier ist...

North Rhine-Westphalia. A federal state, so many people and you have still nothing to do on weekends? Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Cologne, Essen, Duisburg... and so on. There are so many cities to experience leisure activities together in NRW. So grab your smartphone, create an activity and off you go! There are so many activities for going out and also for sports enthusiasts and hiking fans there is a lot to do:

Going out in Cologne and Düsseldorf

"Mer losse d'r Dom en Kölle, because do höööt hä hin." Not only at carnival the city of fools and foolesses has much to offer. Here is actually always something going on. For example, how about going out in the belgian quarter? There are many bars to start the evening properly with a Kölsch. Also in the Kwartier Latäng and in the Friesenviertel there are some scene pubs. So there is definitely something for everyone. Just have a look!

Or you visit the beautiful Capital Düsseldorf. Here is probably crystal clear, where it goes. And to the longest bar in the world! Whether cow barn or the directly adjacent Upper Bavaria. Celebrate here! A little tip on the side. Please order Krefelder in Düsseldorf; this city is famous for that.

Sport in NRW

When it comes to sport, we don't even want to list the different cities. Otherwise, we won't be finished until tomorrow, because NRW is known for its giant sports metropolitan area. Football is written in capital letters in Germany, but in NRW the football community rocks right. Countless fan clubs, youth clubs or hobby soccer players can be found here after work, after school or elsewhere. This leisure activity in NRW is exactly the right thing for you? Create an activity and arrange to kick with others. You are rather talented as a dancer? Go together with others to one of the many dance schools. There are super many leisure activities in NRW that will inspire you as a sporty!

Hiking in NRW

The hiking boots are the first thing you see when you open the closet? Many spontaneous people in NRW feel the same way and want to go hiking together with you b>. There are a lot of beautiful hiking trails in NRW. The Bergisches Land offers numerous vantage points and hiking trails for green weekends. Also the Sauerland is always a popular region to represent the legs, as well as the surrounding area of Cologne and Bonn. In Bonn, for example, you could hike super, together with other Spontis to Godesburg. Maybe you can think of even more than us? The Spontacts world is curious about your leisure activities in NRW!

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