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Here you'll find numerous acitivities, which you can easily join. Or are you looking for like-minded people for your hobbies? Then get started and create your own event. Either way - you'll meet new people in Seattle in no time.

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You are new in Seattle and looking for cool people to spend your free time with? We're happy you found Spontacts, your new community. Here you can easily find new friends during joint activities. Start off your free time adventure in Seattle with a sightseeing tour and explore the city together with others. That's so much more fun than by yourself. Just post an activity on Spontacts and maybe you'll even find some locals who want to show you around Seattle and share their secret spots off the tourist areas with you. You'll see, you'll make friends in no time and meet many new people in Seattle. The community is obviously not only for expats and new people in town, but for everyone who is interested in new contacts and exciting free time activities.

Seattle is surrounded by many green areas and forests. You love nature and the outdoors? How about a hike through Discovery Park? You'll have an incredible view over the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound from there. If you prefer the city and a flat bottom, you can go for a walk through the Olympic Sculpture Park, which is located directly on Seattle's waterfront. Your favorite free time activity is going to different cultural events? Music, theater or dance shows - whatever it is you want to see, you'll definitely find it in Seattle. There are also plenty of museums in the city, such as the Seattle Art Museum, the Museum of Pop Culture and the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture. The last one has a great choice of Native American art and is therefore absolutely worth a visit. To find like-minded culture enthusiasts, just create an activity on Spontacts. You'll quickly find the right people who will join you. Alternatively, you can simply participate in an existing event and meet new people in Seattle.

Do you need some time off? Woodinville Wine Country is only 30 minutes away from Seattle. The different wineries invite you to a wine tasting and a beautiful weekend getaway. Sounds like an amazing group activity, right? Grab a few people from our community and go find out which wine tastes the best.

Are you determined to meet new people now and see what kind of activities Seattle and the surrounding areas have to offer? No matter which activity it might be - you'll quickly find the right people on Spontacts. This is not only super easy, but also completely free of charge. Sounds good, doesn't it? What are you waiting for then? Download the android or iOS app now and you're ready to go!
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