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Englisch lerne :)

24.11.2021 | Gossau

hoi zäme Ich mache aktuell grad ade PH Züri den Studiegang "Stufeerwiiterig Primarstufe". Am Endi bruchi C1...

Are you a language enthusiast or have you always wanted to learn a new language? But none of your friends wants to take lessons with you and you are looking for an alternative to an overpriced language course? Then Spontacts is the right place for you! Here you can find free of charge nice people in your area who would like to form a language tandem with you! No matter if French, Spanish, Chinese or African. In your new leisure community the right tandem partner is waiting for you.

Learning languages is so easy with Spontacts

Form a study group or a cosy language meeting in a bar, where you can use the skills you've learned and maybe you'll find some great participants for a language trip. How about brushing up your Italian together with others on a short historical trip to ancient Rome? Or how about ordering breakfast for you and your fellow participants in Paris in French? Sounds good? Then set off in search of your tandem partner on Spontacts.

In a few clicks you are there

So, let's go, register at Android or iOS App and there's nothing to stop you from learning languages. Simply set up your desired activity and immediately like-minded language enthusiasts who want to learn a new language together with you will contact you. Or you can be inspired by the numerous existing language activities and join a nice group with just one click. Dare to take the fist step! Not only learn the language you've always wanted to learn, but also get to know great people along the way, how good is that?
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Wir vom Spontacts-Team begrüßen dich in deiner neuen Freizeitwelt und wünschen dir viel Spaß beim Leute kennenlernen und spannende Aktivitäten.