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Alle sagten dass ist Unmöglich, da kam einer und wusste das nicht, und hat es einfach getan ;-) i liab de Spruch ^^

Dussa bini am liabsta, ob Böötli fahra, Klettera, Zelta, Grilliera, ar Aare ligga,Ski, Wandera, egal, Hauptsach i füahl mi guat und wohl :-) Sich selber finda heisst an sini Grenza zgah,und dia überwinda, für das brucht jeda Mensch vil kraft und Muat,aber wer sich und sin Körper kennt, ka dia unglaublichsta Sacha vollenda:-) (Zitat von....mir :-D)

Go as a pilgrim and seek out danger far from the comfort and the well lit avenues of life. Pit your every soul against the unknown and seek stimulation in the comfort of the brave. Experience cold, hunger, heat and thirst and survive to see another challenge and another dawn. Only then will you be at peace with yourself and be able to know and to say; I look down the farthest side of the mountain, fulfilled and understanding all, and truly content that I lived a full life and one that was my own choice!

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