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Blut spenden

26.07.2021 | Winterthur

Hallo ihr Lieben :) ich werde am Montag Blut Spenden gehen. Vielleicht hat jemand Angst alleine zu gehen und möchte...

You find the world partly really unjust and would like to help make it a better place? If you do good, the good will happen again, so do good in Winterthur and help out a bit every day.

How about Yoga for Future? Ever heard of it? Most of the time outside in a park, one hour of yoga is done together and afterwards there is a donation. The proceeds are invested for a good cause. Create your own activity or visit one if you don't have so much yoga experience yet. You could meet in the Rosengarten in Winterthur, for example. Popular with every poor four-legged friend who doesn't have a home yet is animal sitting. Animal shelters often offer to go for a walk with dogs and to give them a little free run, because animal shelters often do not have the capacity to give all four-legged friends as much exercise as they deserve. This will surely do something good for the dear little animals.

Music for a good cause is also always a great way to get together with other spontaneous people and make a difference. Or you can start a garbage collection campaign together to send a signal to the ruthless environmental misusers. You see, there are many ways to do good in Winterthur, so create an activity or join one.

You see, with Spontacts you can turn your project of social engagement in St. Gallen into action in no time at all. Have you already created your profile? Then open the app here Android or iOS App now and get started. Enjoy joining in and improving the world!
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Wir vom Spontacts-Team begrüßen dich in deiner neuen Freizeitwelt und wünschen dir viel Spaß beim Leute kennenlernen und spannende Aktivitäten.