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You are an inquisitive person and interested in various cultural things? Do you want to experience culture in Winterthur, but you have not yet planned anything and also not with whom? Then take a look at our tips, create an activity and look forward to other participants who would like to get to know Winterthur's culture with you.

Winterthur is a Swiss city, close to Lake Constance and northeast of Zurich. Like in a fairy tale, there is beautiful nature here. But fairy tales are not real. Much more the story why Winterthur is Winterthur today. To find out, you can turn books upside down and learn more about Winterthur's culture in the city archive. Are you interested in paintings and art? The Oskar Reinhardt Museum exhibits works of art that were once painted by Picasso or Klee. A true historical masterpiece to be found in this city. If you are more interested in technology, you can visit the Swiss Science Center Technorama.

For you art is everything you have created yourself as you are a creative soul? Then meet with fellow artists and go together photographing at the most beautiful vantage points in Winterthur or in the Old Town, as well as in the Rosengarten. Every year there is also a music festival in Winterthur, which brings you closer to the culture in Winterthur and the whole world of music.

Do you already feel like getting started and want to explore the culture in Winterthur? Then make it easy for yourself and register now for free at Spontacts on the web. Or download the app directly from your appstore for Android or iOS App , so you can stay up to date while on the go! Have fun with your activities!

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